30 minutes Response Time

Open a Safe in London in One Phone Call

Locked out of your safe? This is the service you need. For whatever reason you find yourself needing to open a safe in London, we have the fully trained experts and convenient appointments which make affecting access quick and simple.

One phone call is all it takes to book - and we can often have one of our specialists on the road and on the way to you in under half an hour. They'll just need a little proof that you're the owner and then they'll get right to work using nondestructive methods to access your strongbox. Job done!

Get in touch now if it's an emergency

If you need us right away, don't hesitate to call. We maintain our phone support lines 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can quickly tell us the problem, we'll give you a free quote, and then we send someone to assist you once you're happy.

All of our safe locksmiths operating in London know the importance of speed as well as quality, so they'll always arrive at the stated time - or be in contact should traffic or other unforeseen circumstances intervene.

When you might need our safe unlocking services

This all-encompassing service is ideal whenever you've lost access to any kind of lockbox. We can assist you when:

  1. You've lost the keys to a safe
  2. Your keycode or unlocking sequence is no longer working
  3. Safe fails to accept input
  4. Physical safe keys are stuck in the lock
  5. Tumblers won't turn

And in many other situations besides!

How we return access to you

What sort of safe or strongbox do you have? This will determine the approach we take when attempting to open it. Usually, the most common models of safe we face are either mechanical or electronic and the methods we use will vary based on that. For mechanical safes, for example, we can manually "pick" the lock to open it. Electronic safes might require keycode programming or for us to contact the manufacturer for bypass information using our accredited credentials.

If there's ever any chance of your safe being damaged by your safe unlocking services in London, you'll always be fully informed first.

Why hire us to open a safe in London?

  • Fast and emergency services available for those real emergencies
  • We can get into any kind of safe - almost always without causing harm
  • Our┬áLondon locksmiths are fully qualified professionals
  • You get phone support at all hours of the day and night
  • A comprehensive guarantee backs up all of the work we do

Some of the areas we cover